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  • Story-teller
  • Kitten-wrangler
  • Fast-talker
  • Book hype-woman
  • PitchWars 2020 Mentor

Loves: Pretty prose, innuendo, and characters flirting as the world ends. Fueled by caffeine and witty banter.

Emily spent the first half of her life in New Jersey and the rest in Virginia, so she talks fast but knows how to use “bless your heart” effectively. After a childhood reading in trees and dreaming of riding dragons, she channeled her love for books into a career as an elementary school teacher before becoming an author.

An alumna of both the PitchWars and the Author Mentor Match programs, Emily is a 2020 PitchWars Mentor and an active member of the YA community. Her stories feature high stakes, heart, humor, and characters who cope with impending doom by flirting with their enemies.

When she isn’t writing, you can find her fostering kittens through an animal rescue and hosting social events at a local writing nonprofit in central Virginia.

She is represented by Chelsea Eberly at the Greenhouse Literary Agency.

Chelsea Eberly
Greenhouse Literary Agency

Where to find me:
Twitter: @ethiedee
IG: @ektwrites
Facebook: E.K. Thiede