Emily K. Thiede

Fast-talker, kitten-tamer, book-lover, author

Hello, friends. It has been an incredible honor to spend the last month swimming through a vast sea of PitchWars submissions. I am in awe of your talent and enthusiasm, and I so wish I could have chosen dozens of mentors, but alas, I could not.

I know how disappointed many of you are feeling right now, but I really hope you don’t feel defeated. Nearly 600 of you were brave enough to share your work with me and I was absolutely blown away by your talent and creativity.

As I’ve publicly shared on twitter, I went into my first round of read-throughs expecting it would be relatively easy to pare down to a short list of strong contenders. I was so very wrong. Even trying to be tough, I was left with about 250 strong contenders. And a second, more brutal paring, only got me down to 140.

I think you can see my predicament, here. Even the fastest reader in the world would struggle to read 140 books in a matter of weeks. I simply couldn’t pare down any farther via any concrete metrics, so I simply asked myself which manuscripts I was most drawn to. In the end, I only requested about 5% of my submissions, and even then, had to read night and day for weeks before making a final decision. So, if you did not get a request from me, please don’t assume it says anything about your skill or potential as a writer.

I wish I could provide personalized feedback to everyone, but time simply won’t allow it, and I do have to write this sequel eventually (Don’t tell my agent, but I’ve written nothing in six weeks!)

If you are interested in potentially getting some brief feedback, however, please fill out the form below by November 16th. I doubt I’ll be able to respond to everyone, but I’ll try to get to as many as possible over the next few weeks!