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Check out the very first character art for The Last Finestra, created by an incredible young artist who brought my fictional babies to life! (And follow the artist on twitter HERE!)


As a writer, I’ve spent years wandering through fictional worlds with imaginary people who become so real to me that I often discuss them as though they’re neighbors or people living in my basement. It can sometimes be a lonely experience to love these characters who very few people even know “exist”, and since I still have approximately 18 months to wait before that changes, it is just incredible to see them for the first time.

My fictional babies in black and white!

As someone with zero knowledge of most non-writing forms of art, I’m sorely lacking in the vocabulary to explain my thoughts, but Andie’s drawings make me think of Rodin’s statues and classic paintings of Greek Gods, with an aesthetic that resonates so beautifully with the Italian setting and sense of timelessness I hoped to create in the world where TLF takes place. I adore it!

For context, in the scene depicted (no spoilers), Alessa is trying to convince her very stubborn and very injured bodyguard to let her take care of him after he’s endured a really rough few days.