Content Warnings for THIS VICIOUS GRACE

This page is still in development, and may be updated before final copies go to print. Thank you all for your support, and take care of yourselves!

This Vicious Grace is intended for readers age 13 and up and deals with topics of grief and death. As such, there is content included that may be sensitive. While I’ve done my best to approach all topics with thought and care, I want to make sure every reader has the information they need to protect themselves.

Spoiler-free list (* = further information provided below the spoiler line)

On page depiction: war, violence, alcohol use, blood, internalized self-ableism*, familial estrangement, implied PTSD, assault (not sexual)*, attempted murder, a character considers taking their life*, sex (consensual, non-explicit),

References (off-page/non-graphic): murder, mob-violence, death, child neglect/abuse, accidental death of a child.

Discrimination toward a group for their magical ability.

Special mentions/further details (Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD)






Special concerns for those sensitive to:

SA: While there is no rape, sexual assault or attempted sexual assault in This Vicious Grace, there is a physical attack in chapter seven that may be triggering to readers as it begins when the main character is sleeping, and involves her waking up as a stranger attempts to kill her via choking. Again, there is no sexual assault implied, but I recognize that the nature of this attack could trigger readers who interpret it thus, so please be aware. You can avoid this section by skipping the last part of Chapter Seven starting halfway down page 57 (As of first pass pages–I will update if this changes before final printing.)

In addition, there is a scene where consent is muddied when a character who is asleep briefly gets handsy with the main character (who would be fine with it if they were both awake), before the main character realizes they are not awake and puts a stop to it.

Violence: Alessa, the main character in This Vicious Grace, is subjected to multiple assassination attempts, and one accidental near-fatal wound.

Dante suffers from PTSD as a result of the violent deaths of his parents and the subsequent abuse and neglect he faced.

Child death: There is a brief mention of the off-page death of a child who died from a fall prior to the events in the book.